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Mar. 7th, 2008

[Fun] Pimpin' ... myself?? O_o

That's right! I'm pimpin' myself!Or well the lj community I created that is. xD

I present you to Endless Measure, a lj community dedicated in spreading the love of Asian music! *claps*

The idea started out as just a place for me to keep my media uploads (instead of on this journal), but now I've opened it up for me and other members to share media (ie. songs, music videos, pictures, etc) of our favourite cpop/kpop/jpop artists! It's an open membership community, so feel free to add us to get access to the media posts.

Since it is a media file sharing comm, there are a few rules and guidelines that need to be followed. So if you decide to join, please read and follow them! ^_^

And since we're just starting out! I'd love for anyone to help us advertise the place! You can grab one of the banners from above if you like! I hope to see some of you there! ♥

Jan. 25th, 2008

[Opinion] Tohoshinki - Vol. 3 - "T"

Holy crap, it's got to be atleast a good 7 months since I've even thought about reviewing albums. I'm not sure why I stopped... even less sure why I'm even bothering now. But since Jon came over earlier and told me he ordered the Hong Kong Limited 2CD+2DVD set for me... it's been on my mind. xD

I don't think I'll go into my essay long opinion mode this time, but a few comments on each track is good neh? ^_^ And I state like in the past, this is not any sort of formal review, just my personal opinion on the album. You don't like, tough, don't read.

01. Trick
I'm not exactly sure how I feel about this track. I don't hate it, but I don't love it either. It think it's because it reminds me of another episode of sitting around watching my brother/friends channel surf. The songs within the song is a fun idea... I nearly pissed myself listening to Junsu remake Michael Jackson's "Smooth Crimimal". xD And Jae's part, it reminds me of this old song I use to listen to... but I can't for the life of me remember the name of it. But I don't know, maybe I just need time to get use to the song?

02. NO?
Smooth. The boys' English pronounciation is very good in this track. Well maybe except for when they sing "guilt", but none the less very impressive so I'll forgive them. But 1"No Kiss"?? Why? xD

03. Purple Line
Okay I think I've spazzed enough about this track. And the Korean version is pretty hot too. I can't say that it's my favourite song on the album, but it's up there. The mix of the nasally tone of the boys' voices and the mad bass, it just... works. Not to mention how great Yunnie looks in the PV with the purple extentions. xD I was feeling really iffy listening to the preview of the Korean version, I guess because I was use to the Japanese version... and I thought Junsu's verse was ruined. But listening to the whole thing... I love how they changed his "right now" to "말해줘"... still so hot. xD

click to read the restCollapse )

Though there are a few tracks that I don't care much for, on a whole the album is grade A. Some tracks made me go O_o at first, but I guess the boys are starting to go in a new, different direction, and it's not that bad. ^_^ I can't wait till my copy comes in! *does happy dance*

Okay sleeptime. I have to go to work later on.

Music: 東方神起 - CLAP! <--- someone stop me please!!! >.<
Mood: Happy ^_^

P.S. Since it's past midnight now. HAPPY 8TH YEAR ANNIVERSARY BABE!!! ♥ ♥ ♥

EDIT: Quick edit since I'm only here for a moment. It's almost 1pm here now....so...

재중아~~~ 생일 축하해요!!! ♥
늘 행복하세요! I can't believe it's his birthday already! (Well in Korea anyways) I hope you have a great birthday, and best wishes for the future!!

[Promo] Project Jae 2008 needs help!!!

We need help people! If you are fluent in reading, writing, speaking Korean, please leave a message on the forum (Click here) to help out with this project! Thanks! ^_^

And sorry to anyone's f-page that I killed with this. T__________T

Dec. 5th, 2007

[Download/Album] FT Island - The Refreshment

I was just browsing through YesAsia yesturday when I noticed this! Should I get it? I mean, I already have the album... this has only three new songs. But it also has a photobook with my cuties in it!! >.<

Artist/Album Title: F.T. Island/The Refreshment
Release Date: December 3, 2007
Language: Korean
Publisher: Mnet Media
Official Website: http://www.ftisland.com
**BUY THE ALBUM: YesAsia.com

Track List:
CD 1
01. 너 올 때까지
02. 사랑이야
03. 눈물이 더 가까운 사람
04. 사랑앓이
05. 행복합니다
06. 천둥
07. 한사람만
08. 집착
09. 남자의 첫사람은 무덤까지 간다
10. 하지말래요

CD 2 - Music 2.0
11. FT Island
12. Reo Reo
13. Primadonna
14. 마중
15. 사랑하는 법을 몰라서
16. 첫키스

And also... *cries* ... the Dong Bang Shin Ki 2nd Concert DVD. I must not give in... must not give in. T________________T

Music: FT Island - 사랑이야
Mood: Tired....

[Steaming Vid] Yunho fancam for "White Lie" (2007.11.27)

What can I say? That outfit is just... O_O Hehehe.

credits: BESTIZ

More streaming videos here

[Youtube] And this is why I love Yunho...

I present to you, the real Yunho! *dork* This video left me grinning like an idiot! Am I easily amused? ... Why yes! xD

Yunho: 대한민국 만세!! *shot*

Music: Taewan - "나란 사람"
Mood: Highly amused =D

HeartChu TCG: My Log ARCHIVE

Other links: My Collection, My Profile (membercards here), Current Log

*Ignore this if you aren't a part of the TCG//Join if you aren't!~* (remember to say Lisa referred you when you join)

Join the TCG
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Nov. 7th, 2007

[Lyrics/MP3s/Video] AnyBand CF

I wanted to get this up when I woke up today, but I got distracted by many things. And I couldn't stop watching the CF over and over again!

Most of you must have seen the full AnyBand CF by now! The songs are so addicting! XD Especially Promise You. I love that song so much, and Su's voice is just ♥. And the sight of him even pretending to play guitar is so cute! ^_^ Omo and Tablo. If I didn't love this guy enough as it is, this did it! But enough of my blabbering. I think I spazzed enough about it with Chibi today, and a few other people who caught me before I had to go back to my so called life. XD So here's the youtube link to the 9 minute CF, both songs in mp3 format, and of course the lyrics!! ^_^ (Most will be under cuts, so I don't kill your friends page with a huge post^^).


★AnyBand (애니밴드)★
Released: November 8, 2007
01. TPL (Talk, Play, Love)
02. Promise You
Credits: Bakanishi @ bww2 forum (Source: for full single download) + skylen @ lj.com (reupload)

I want to be Su's guitarCollapse )
Credits: Kayem7289x @ youtube.com (upload)

I'm doing the romanization for Jestie right now, so I'll edit with those when I'm done.^^ I forgot to ask where she got the hangul lyrics from, so whoever you are. I love you. XD
Promise You (Korean)Collapse )
Promise You (Romanized)Collapse )
TPL (Talk, Play, Love)Collapse )
TPL (Talk, Play, Love) (Romanized)Collapse )
Credits: *I'll edit in original source when I find it*, skylen @ livejournal.com (romanization)

And that's it for this update! ^_^ Omo I'm obsessed with this song right now! XD

Music: ANYBAND - Promise You
Mood: Full =D

[Downloads] Media list updates

HAPPY 2ND ANNIVERSARY SUPER JUNIOR!! This year I didn't make anything special. But I can still celebrate yes?

It's been a good month since I've really updated the pages...so big update this time around. And this isn't even half the stuff I need to update...*sigh*....enjoy!!^^

Added to MP3 List:
Full Albums
+ Air City OST
+ Big Bang - Vol.1 Since 2007
+ Brian - Vol.1 The Brian
+ JiEun - Vol.1 Rain
+ K.will - Vol.1 Left Heart
+ The Breeze - Vol.1 The Breeze
+ Younha - Vol.1 A Perfect Day to Say I Love You
**100+ songs added

Added to Video List:
Music Videos
+ Kim Dongwan - 손수건 (Handkerchief)
+ Epik High & Younha - 2007.05.13 KBS Music Bank - Special Stage
+ Seo Taiji & Boys - 2004 Zero Live Tour - 죽음의 늪 (Swamp of Death)
+ So Nyuh Shi Dae/Girls' Generation - 2007.09.27 MCountdown - Into The New World (Remix)

Added to Super Junior List:
I'm too lazy to list everything...so just check the page. =P


I thought I'd get started early with my xmas shopping, so I can get everything done without the rush. And since some have asked what I wanted...here a mini's list. ^_^

;- bolded items are what I really really REALLY want
;- ** starred items are what I will love your forever and ever for!! XD

  • **new ear piercings
  • reindeer plushie at Chapters [@ South Keys]/[Chapters(online)]
  • alarm clock
  • **Dong Bang Shin Ki - 2007 Paris Photobook Special Limited Edition [YesAsia] <--- I want this so badly!! >.<
  • Super Junior - Vol.2 Don't Don (Repackaged) [YesAsia]/[DVDHeaven]
  • **Super Junior Eeteuk Style - Mini Cubic Cross Earing [DVDHeaven]
  • Dong Bang Shin Ki Hero Style - Skeleton Cross Earing [YesAsia]/[DVDHeaven]
  • Dong Bang Shin Ki Hero Style - 2 Skeletons Cross Earing [DVDHeaven]
  • Dong Bang Shin Ki Hero Style - Double Cross Earing [YesAsia]/[DVDHeaven]
  • **Dong Bang Shin Ki Micky Style - Black Cross One Touch Earing [YesAsia]/[DVDHeaven]
  • **Dong Bang Shin Ki Concert Blanket [YesAsia]
  • Dong Bang Shin Ki - Tomorrow 000777 Days [YesAsia]
  • Fly To The Sky - Vol.7 No Limitations (Repackaged) [YesAsia]
  • Girls' Generation - Vol. 1 Girls' Generation [YesAsia]
  • S Magazine September 2007 [YesAsia]
  • S Magazine November 2007 [YesAsia]

    EDIT: Because I'm a loser, I bought some of the stuff for myself XD