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★★★All about SKYLEN★★★
Updated: January 8th, 2011
Name: Lisa
Nicknames: Skylen, Shorty, Melodie, Lissie, Lenny, eonni/unnie, Hey!You!, -insert other nicknames here-
Age: 25
Gender: Female
Country: CANADA
Anything else?: A lazy perfectionist; crazy for kpop crack; needs to learn to think before speaking; graduated with an university degree in Biology; loves to kick and bite things! <3

I know. I use this one too much. But who doesn't love a little Yunjae? xD
★You said WHAT??★
Loves: everything!; music; singing; laughing; scaring people; food!; learning languages (current study: Korean, Mandarin); manga; China/Korea/Japan; shopping; spending hours reminiscing with friends; baby cuz Jessica <3;
Fangirling: Dong Bang Shin Ki, Super Junior (and all subgroups), FT Island, Big Bang, JJ Lin, Justin Lo, K.will, Park Hyo Shin, Fly to the Sky, Shinhwa, Tim, Lee Seung Ki, Eru, Kim TaeWoo, Kim HyunJoong, Kangta, Park MyungSoo, Bi (Rain), Se7en, Wang Lee Hom, Xing, Battle, SHINee

Current album: Big Bang's 3rd mini album "Stand Up"

;;;Random fun;;;

» Fly to the Sky »「ASIAN BOYBAND

» ☆ adachibiko is 「Yoochun」to my 「Yunho」♥

» Be my Easter bunny → [ Yoochun ] ←

In SPRING The s a k u r a
blooms beautifully upon me as » YUNHO « gently kiss my lips under the falling petals, then whisper to my ears " 사랑해 "

In AUTUMN The l e a v e s drop smoothly on my skin as » YOOCHUN « hold my hand and gently carress my cheeks, then whisper to my ears " 사랑해 "

I’ll be your » T i n k e r b e l l « fairy, ღ; *YUNHO/KYUHYUN* ;ღ
; Like the sun in early spring, like the sky in late autumn, like the ocean in summer and like the first snow in winter
. /

★I told you to LOOK!!★
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